Lucifer season 6 took it’s possible all of five minutes to provide to mind a estimate from an additional beloved collection: “In the conclusion, we all are who we are, no subject how considerably we might show up to have changed.” (In case you never know that 1 like the back again of your hand like the nerd now crafting this does, it is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

The period begun off with both halves of the Deckerstar entire staying away from what they considered was the inescapable: He was heading to be God, and she was likely to be his partner. That was the complete stage of the epic battle at the stop of Time 5B…right?

But it wasn’t that uncomplicated. Due to the fact practically nothing ever is. Chloe stepped down from the LAPD, but she could not appear to be to prevent herself from starting to be included in a murder investigation in episode 1. The Satan, for his section, imagined he preferred to turn out to be God, but he was actively staying away from really professing the throne.

Then, of system, came Rory with information from the foreseeable future: Lucifer was just going to disappear a person working day. She was heading to mature up devoid of a father, and her mom was not even heading to get to see the really like of her daily life once more. He was just destined to be absent.


Did Lucifer ever have a alternative or was his destiny set in stone?

No sum of denial modified truth, and even when the Devil’s “last day” ended with him controlling to continue to be right where by he preferred to be, he still wound up working an errand to Tenth and Swanson.

That wound up being the put where by he saved his daughter’s daily life (and type of participated in an epic struggle healthy for the massive display screen in the process) and not the last area any one noticed him. But he however manufactured the selection to go away.

Did he genuinely, nevertheless? Was there at any time any absolutely free will involved, by any means?

Following all, if he genuinely loved Rory, how could he possibly have made a decision to do something other than what she, amazingly, needed in the stop? How could she have been ready to come back again in time, experienced each one intended final decision not led her to specifically the stage that she still left from?

Was there at any time actually a option for any of our beloved characters, or was the pull of destiny just too sturdy? Was not Chloe Decker generally intended to be a cop, not whichever she would have been had she lived her existence as Luci-God’s right hand lady? Did not it make perfect perception that Amenadiel would have wound up leading the flock?

And wasn’t Lucifer Morningstar, the character we initial fulfilled when he was averting his duties as the King of Hell, when he was guilt-ridden and felt unworthy and lost, simply just just intended to be the one particular to enable all the shed souls like himself?

This series, from the extremely beginning, has raised—and in no way rather answered—the issue of what cost-free will truly indicates. Right in close proximity to the quite close of the collection finale, we get a estimate that, like the one particular from that other demonstrate described earlier mentioned, it’s possible commences to give us one thing resembling an remedy:

But you see, destiny is just the result of the alternatives that you make.

Mainly, it is up to you, the viewer, to choose. It normally was. You’re becoming advised, in the very same sentence, that each destiny and cost-free will are true, and what that usually means to you may be really different than what it suggests to anyone else.

It’s possible our hero was meant to rebel, to slide, to arrive to Earth where he could study, and love, and grow…only to wind up correct where by he belonged due to the fact he was who he was, no issue how significantly he may well appear to have changed.

Possibly there is a entire world out there where by our favorite Very hot Devil just vanished just one day, and Rory’s preference to vacation again in time to eliminate her father, only to slide for him the way we all did, prompted just the tiniest ripple in the timeline. But someplace, down the line, we had been often intended to conclusion up ideal below at the conclusion.

Or were being we? The absolute brilliance of Lucifer season 6 and the way all the things finished is that, well…You even now get to marvel, just a minimal.

It’s all wrapped up with a wonderful, minor bow. Except for the components that are not.

Lucifer season 6 is now streaming on Netflix.