Toshiba’s 500 GB Portable Hard drive is excellent for data storage. This simply named external storage device is perfect for users who don’t need high end features and lightning fast speed and just need data backup. It can be connected to the computer very easily by using an USB wire. It is very easy to use and user-friendly.

DESIGN: It measures only 5 x 3.2 x 0.7 cms and weighs only 6 ounces. The design is sleek and classy; the blue stripes look great on the black surface. This external hard drive makes quite a fashion statement. Also, being lightweight and small, it can fit into the user’s shirt, jeans or jacket pockets easily and can be carried around without much trouble. But the drive has a plastic body, which gives a cheap feel. Also, the drive surface flexes under pressure, which suggests that it isn’t hardy enough for a device that is supposed to store all of the user’s important data. The device has rubber bumpers on the bottom though, which make it shock resistant.

PERFORMANCE: The data writing speed is about 15.8 MBps. This is less than the usual average writing speed of other external drives, which is about 17.6 MBps. But, at about 26.2 MBps, the reading speed is extremely fast.

EXTRAS: NTI’s shadow software is pre-installed in this external drive. This is extremely useful and easy to use software that has the option of saving up to 9 versions of a document. This feature comes in handy if the user suddenly needs to view early drafts of one of his documents. Also, Auto backup can be organized for particular time slots and particular days. But, this product doesn’t come with any encryption software to hide sensitive data and online data storage facility isn’t provided as well. PRICE AND WARRANTY: The price is approximately US $149 and this product comes with a limited warranty of 3 years.

This product is good for casual users but isn’t that great for official purposes or storage of sensitive data. Also, it is a bit over priced for its limited features and low data writing speed; more efficient hard drives of other brands are available at about the same price. The data reading speed is superb though. Overall, this is a pretty good external hard drive that serves its basic purpose of data storage well, but doesn’t provide any other great features.