A single very simple action to make improvements to your wire jewellery generating is to make positive your minimize ends are sleek and burr cost-free. 

Tools Used to Round Wire

And having a easy wire conclusion isn’t really challenging – if you have the suitable tools.

When you are producing wire jewellery, the reduce conclude of wire is sharp and can effortlessly scratch your skin on get in touch with.  Good wire flush cutters that leave a straight edge are the first move to receiving a clean wire edge. With a flush cutter, a single facet of the reduce wire will be straight and the other aspect will have a slight place.  

What are good flush cutters? You are going to have to find which you choose and meet up with your finances. 

I have a pair of Tronex flush cutters that are my absolute preferred – but I do not usually use them since I messed up my prior beloved by not being careful how thick the wire was. My prior favorite was a pair of Lindstrom flush cutters that now have a tiny divot in the cutter from working with 16 gauge wire. Ugh. It nevertheless hurts me to glimpse at them. It harm even additional when I seemed at the recent selling prices for these high quality wire cutters.

High quality, inexpensive wire flush cutters

The wire cutters that I use day in and working day out are 5 inch micro flush cutters from Harbor Freight that cost $3.99 per pair and have a life time guarantee. I have about 4 pairs of them and that’s what you can see in most of my photos. They cut all the wire I use day to working day from 16g to 26g, remain sharp after slicing FireLine and other fishing traces, and when they drop apart (which has only took place to one particular pair), I deliver them back again to the retailer for a absolutely free, no concerns asked alternative. Most deal tools never function nicely – but I consider these are remarkable.

I also have a pair of flush cutters from Xuron that I use for thicker wire, but I have not utilized them these days. In typical, I like Xuron resources – they are cost-effective and very good high-quality.

Regardless of how superior your flush cutters are and how properly you tuck the lower finishes inside of of wraps, you will also will need a way to smooth wire finishes. That is primarily accurate in buy to make things like earring hooks which need an exposed wire edge – that goes by means of someone’s ear! If you’ve got at any time not smoothed a wire conclusion more than enough, you may know when you put it by way of your ear.

Wire rounding tool or burr cup or cup bur

This is where factors get intriguing. Initially up is a tool that is produced just for this objective – called a wire rounding software, cup bur or burr cup – based on who you happen to be conversing to. 

Tips for Rounding Wire Jewelry Cut Ends with Ease

I have at minimum 3 of these, which you may possibly believe would necessarily mean they perform. But I locate them very useless. The a person pictured earlier mentioned staying the most ineffective in my belief. I despise that the collar arrived un-glued appropriate as it arrived out of the package. And I don’t believe they do nearly anything sizeable to smooth the wire. 

To arrive to that conclusion, I did a side by facet 2 minute smoothing comparison among the wire rounding software and my nail documents.  Exact piece of 20 gauge wire, each ends flush reduce.

Best tools for rounding wire ends

A single one side of the wire I utilised the rounding software for 2 minutes. The other aspect I utilised nail information – very first a tough grit emery board and then a buffing form of nail file that experienced three gradually smoother surfaces (all pictured above). The aspect that made use of the nail files had been sleek in about a minute, when compared to the the wire rounder that nevertheless experienced rough edges just after 2 minutes.

jewelry making tips - best tools for rounding wire ends

jewelry making tips - best tools for rounding wire ends

I really like that I’m slightly psycho plenty of to assume you will be in a position to explain to the change among the wire finishes in a photo. The true take a look at was of training course, closing my eyes and smoothing my finger or skin in excess of the wire. But just it’s possible you can see that the 2nd wire is a lot more evenly rounded on the edges? That’s the one particular with the nail information.

I attempted my metal documents too. But they failed to do the job as effectively possibly. And they get off much more metallic, which is what I do not actually want since I’m utilizing plated craft wire. Sooooo, it truly is emery nail data files for the gain on this one particular.

There is some system when it arrives to wire rounding. You are going to want to start out by smoothing the cut close with the flat end of the emery board, but then go about and all over the side lower edges to sleek and spherical them. Exact same process as you move down with finer/smoother grits of nail data files. 

I applied the exact same method with the wire rounder tool also – started out flat and straight on the conclusion and then tilted so it could round the edges. Continue to did almost nothing. I described I experienced quite a few wire rounding applications. The other variation I have is in the initial photograph and is part of a pin vise established. It’s a lot easier to hold and change – but still does not easy as nicely or as promptly as I anticipate it to.

Allow me know in the reviews if you use these resources to get your wire finishes easy or have a distinctive technique or instrument.