As one of the richest individuals in the overall earth, Elon Musk has his hand in all varieties of key projects following establishing an fascination in know-how at a youthful age. Even so, just like so quite a few other people, the businessman and entrepreneur did not specifically have an straightforward time through his young years. Now, Musk’s very first ex-wife reveals the distressing bullying that he endured as a baby, saying bullies “would toss soda cans at his head.”

Elon Musk’s successes, controversies, and additional

Musk is known as the inventor of a lot of breakthrough systems. If it weren’t for Musk, PayPal would not exist — he is the founder of, one particular of the extremely initially on line banks, which later grew to become PayPal. He is also the CEO of Tesla, and he launched SpaceX back again in 2002. It was just a handful of yrs ago that Musk assisted start Open AI.