“A New York City Council applicant is acquiring interest online immediately after a online video of him traveling to a dominatrix was posted to Twitter — the total incident was so humiliating, he gave the dominatrix an more $1,000,” Seth Meyers joked on Monday’s Late Night. “In accordance to a new book, previous President Trump suggested that Individuals who were overseas and infected with the coronavirus ought to be sent to Guantanamo Bay so the variety of conditions would not raise. This brings us to our new phase, ‘Seth Discovers He Can Nonetheless Working experience Shock.'”

“Of class the truth Tv set star wanted to ship them to an island,” Jimmy Kimmel reported on Kimmel Stay. “He almost certainly sent a camera crew, way too, and referred to as it Survirus or a thing.”

Sure, according to the new book, “the president wished to mail cruise ship passengers to Gitmo — so, get pleasure from your seaside working day with complementary head sack, then strike the bar for bottomless piña colada–boarding,” Stephen Colbert joked, darkly, at The Late Present. The book also recounted a time Trump inadvertently referred to as Jared Kushner an “idiot,” he said. “Imagine currently being in that administration and another person calling you ‘the idiot.’ That is like being in the NBA and your nickname is ‘the tall man.'”

In Catholic information, the U.S. Meeting of Catholic Bishops took a action past week toward making an attempt to deny President Biden communion, Colbert explained. “Yep, they are Holy Ghosting him,” he deadpanned. “Now, pay attention. People know this, I’m Catholic, but Biden is sooo Catholic. He is the only guest I’ve ever invested time with backstage talking about the consolations of God and the need to have for each day rosary — so significantly! Ball’s in your court, Andrew Garfield.”

The U.S. bishops want to punish Biden for publicly supporting abortion legal rights, but “I’m not certain how major the bishops are listed here — if they really wanted to punish Biden, they’d transfer him to a unique parish and not inform anyone why they did it,” Colbert jabbed. “This is a significant deal for a ton of causes, just one of which is that Biden is only the next Catholic to occupy the White Home, immediately after John Kennedy. But JFK was under no circumstances denied communion, mainly because he constantly went to confession following banging Marylyn Monroe.”

Colbert noted that the dominatrix-visiting New York council candidate’s father co-developed Dora the Explorer, joking that the prospect himself “produced the significantly less-well known spinoff, Marian the Disciplinarian.”

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