“The Maintain Showing Me Lights”

Hologram Boimler suggests the Cardassians “keep showing me lights.” This line, and the existence of the secret Cardassian facility references the well known Next Generation two-parter, “Chain of Command,” in which Picard was kidnapped and tortured by the Cardassians. If you someway have not viewed that episode, the complete notion is that the Cardassians attempt to gaslight Picard into wondering there are five lights in front of him when there are only four. Lessen Decks referenced “Chain of Command” in Period 1, also! In Season 1, Episode 7, “Much Ado About Boimler,” Mariner joked about the Cerritos having a “Babysitter Jellico-type,” for a subsitute captain, which referenced the non permanent captain the Business acquired in “Chain of Command.” Freeman, Shaxs and Ransom whore the all-black specific ops outfits in that episode, much too, and Tendi did the similar in “Veritas.” 

Far too A lot of Ships to Count 

As Mariner escapes from the Cardassian facility, there are soooo numerous ships getting saved in this certain hanger. It’s all the ships. Here’s just a couple we caught

  • A Federation runabout
  • Jem’Hadar fighters
  • A Nemesis-era Romulan warbird
  • An aged university Romulan Bird-of-Prey from TOS
  • Federation fighter craft (like the kinds witnessed in TNG’s “Preemptive Strike.”)
  • And lots of, quite a few extra.

Miranda-class USS MacDuff

Mariner steals a Miranda-course Federation starship with the registry NCC-1877, and the title “USS MacDuff.” There’s a great deal likely on right here.

  • The Miranda-course was initial witnessed in The Wrath of Khan, in the form of the USS Reliant. That film also highlighted someone thieving a ship like this with simplicity.
  • The bridge for this ship is generally identical to the Reliant.
  • Reduced Decks showrunner Mike McMahan said in 2020 that he was impressed by the Reliant for the style of the Cerritos
  • The title “MacDuff” may possibly reference the TNG character, Kieran MacDuff, from the episode “Conundrum.” In that a person, the crew has temporary amnesia and MacDuff manipulates them into combating a war they’re not intended to be included in.


Jennifer is back! Mariner is interrupted in the course of her holographic operate-out by Jennifer, an Andorian crewmember from very last year. In the Period 1 finale, “No Tiny Components,” Mariner operates by way of the halls and pushes this character out of the way, indicating, “Move Jennifer.” As significantly as we know, Jennifer is the only Andorian named Jennifer, but you truly have to speculate, was this an Andorian title, or a human identify? 

“I know we’re not supposed to have interpersonal conflict”

Mariner’s dislike of Jennifer is punctuated by her conversing to herself indicating, “I know we’re not meant to have interpersonal conflict…but I truly dislike that Andorian.” This references a extended-standing rule from the TNGera of Trek Television set that Starfleet officers weren’t meant to have petty dissimilarities with just about every other. This rule was evidently executed by Gene Roddenberry and drove numerous writers, which includes Ron Moore and Jeri Taylor, nuts

A little bit new opening-credits

In Year 1, we saw the Cerritos jogging absent from a fight involving a bunch of Borg cubes and Romulan Warbirds. Now, that same fight consists of a Pakled ship from the Time 1 finale, a couple of Klingon Birds-of-Prey, and seemingly, much less Borg.