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Joe Rogan: The govt is “monitoring SMS texts for harmful misinformation about COVID vaccines.”

PolitiFact’s ruling: Primarily Phony

Here is why: In a recent episode of his well-known podcast, Spotify host Joe Rogan implied that the govt is “checking SMS texts for dangerous misinformation about COVID vaccines.”

That’s not legitimate. The hard work Rogan was referring to is not about intercepting or screening private text messages, and there is no evidence the government is involved with it, as PolitiFact has reported.

The deceptive claim came about an hour and a half into the podcast as Rogan, one particular of Austin’s newer inhabitants, reviewed troubles of surveillance and privacy with journalist Abby Martin, his guest for the July 20 episode. 

“Glance, we’re dwelling in a panopticon in this article,” Martin explained. “We’re in a surveillance state that is definitely so.” Martin then questioned Rogan if he believed his e-mails have been becoming viewed.