love you wreath monday poll
You are critical and you are valued! You are cherished.

So…what is the Monday Poll?

Fantastic question! It is not, opposite to its title, an real poll, like with minor clicky buttons. It is just a list of more or a lot less random queries I have been submitting on this blog site each and every Monday morning for the past quadrillion several years (due to the fact 2007).

1. What emoji do you use most normally?


2. Some thing you are presently seeing?

“The Crown” on Netflix.

3. If you could hop on a aircraft right now and go any place on a vacation (with all expenditures paid, of program), exactly where would you go?

Kauai, for absolutely sure. I could use a chill vacay by the beach front.

4. Whom do you stay with?

Rosie-Pose the Destroyer (our resident feline), Connor Claire (my daughter) and El Hub (my lover in crime).

5. A favored snack?

1 can under no circumstances go erroneous with honeycrisp apples and brie. YUM!

6. Do you bite your nails?

Nah, under no circumstances genuinely understood the enchantment.

7. How at ease are you currently being by your self?

Very! In fact, I crave time by yourself, and if I don’t get adequate of it, I begin to feel a tiny off.

8. How frequently do you shampoo and situation your hair?

Up till about a thirty day period in the past, I would wash and problem each and every working day, but just lately I begun undertaking it each individual other working day. It’s been too chilly! I’m also hoping that washing considerably less will enable with the hair hurt and reduction I have been dealing with in the earlier 12 months.

9. Produce your self a pleasant note.

Oh, Karen! I love you so a great deal. You’re carrying out great, and I’m so happy of what you’ve attained.

Your friendly neighborhood splendor addict,


P.S. Listed here are the questions to copy/paste with your solutions in a comment. Communicate to ya before long.

1. What emoji do you use most frequently?
2. A little something you are now observing?
3. If you could hop on a plane currently and go anywhere on a trip (with all costs paid, of program), where by would you go?
4. Whom do you live with?
5. A beloved snack?
6. Do you chunk your nails?
7. How at ease are you getting by yourself?
8. How typically do you shampoo and condition your hair?
9. Publish you a nice take note.

P.P.S. Have a joyful and successful day, my mate! Happy, joyful Monday. 🤗