Many thanks to a scheduling snafu, Lucy Dacus is caught off-guard when I arrive at her Brooklyn Airbnb on a heat afternoon in mid-Could. But the 26-year-outdated indie rocker rolls with the punches, exuding a calm heat. Dacus does have a single smaller ask: Would I thoughts if she reapplies a coat of blue nail polish even though we discuss her new album? Before in the day, she filmed an interview for PBS and noticed later on that her nails have been badly chipped. With a self-deprecating groan and chuckle, she imagines an imminent phone phone from her mom.

On claimed album, this week’s Property Video, Dacus revisits her coming-of-age many years in Richmond, Virginia, in which she was devoutly Christian with a little bit of a self-admitted savior complex. The record is deeply rooted in the physicality of adolescence: flushed cheeks in a crush’s basement, teenage bodies sprouting like weeds, dancing in the aisle of a five and dime. The recollections are not constantly rosy, but Dacus extends kindness to her youthful self: “I just can’t undo what I have accomplished, and I would not want to,” she sings on “First Time.”

This readiness for self-examination will appear as no surprise to longtime listeners: Considering that her 2016 debut No Stress, Dacus has founded herself as an empathetic documentarian of a songwriter, surveying the globe all around her with a eager eye and a tender heart. With Historian in 2018, she delved further into matters of mortality and the ties that bind, and that exact same year, she identified kinship along with Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker in boygenius. On the supergroup’s eponymous EP, Dacus’s writerly visions had been elevated to huge new expanses.

In the wake of Historian and boygenius, Dacus’s public profile grew in techniques that started to violate her privateness she essential a transform of landscapes. Soon after recording Household Movie in Nashville in August 2019, she moved from Richmond to Philadelphia, exactly where she now lives with a fifty percent-dozen close friends and an comprehensive library. Among the her assortment of publications are a series of journals, which she has held because she was a youngster. When producing Household Video clip, Dacus would once in a while flip by way of her diaries to see how she perceived formative encounters in true time. “Sometimes I did not even create it down, as if I did not find it crucial at the time,” she says. “Or I would lie about events and I do not try to remember the emotion of lying, I must’ve finished it compulsively.”

Listed here, Dacus sets the report straight and guides us by the reminiscences fueling just about every song on Residence Movie.

1. “Hot & Heavy”

Pitchfork: Why did you pick this song to commence the history, and what tone do you hope it sets?

Lucy Dacus: A little something I discovered in movie school ahead of I dropped out is that the title sequence of a motion picture really should allow you know what the full movie is likely to be about. Furthermore, a record’s first music must be like a palette introduction that sets the tone. The tones in this article are nervousness, contemplation, nostalgia, and heat. I preferred it to feel definitely inviting and blushing.

Who is this track about?

I considered I was creating this tune about a close friend of mine who applied to be super reserved and is now pretty energetic. We employed to be close, but the extra buddies she designed, the much less we saw just about every other. Then I felt like I was writing about myself from the perspective of anyone I experienced dated—like seeing myself go by way of the approach of studying about the entire world and currently being significantly less shut off. Then I understood I was both equally people. I’ve by no means felt thoroughly relaxed speaking about myself in a track for the reason that I compulsively do not want to be egocentric. But all people has to be some diploma of selfish to survive. Selfish artwork is normally the most revealing.

2. “Christine”

This history feels additional specific in its stories about other people today in your lifestyle. What inspired that?

I really don’t compose from a position of commitment. It comes about much more unexpectedly, as if a thing in my mind has last but not least convinced my entire body to permit it come out. But what has inspired me to share the tracks is that they may possibly be significant outside of me, and I no for a longer time will need to hold on to them so really hard. I’ve been thinking about hymns a ton and how you frequently never know who wrote them, but they’ve been sung repeatedly for hundreds of a long time. I’m not declaring that I want or hope my tracks to be like that, but I like the concept of tunes not needing a author.

3. “First Time”

I like how this track captures the awkward physicality of being a teen. What were being you like in individuals several years?

I was fairly obedient, and I liked God a ton. I was often seeking to get to the deepest depth of all the things. I would problem strangers to staring contests and blow bubbles in the hallway of my high college. It was, like, quirky lady shit. That reported, I was dissociating a lot. I would randomly drop asleep when I was pressured out. 1 time, I just shut down fully and took a nap on the sidewalk, in the sun. I experienced adequate drama that I realized items and had adequate awesome things—and plenty of hurtful things—that I have grow to be an individual I mostly fully grasp. I do not think I could have explained that a few of several years ago.

At one point you sing, “I can’t undo what I’ve performed, and I wouldn’t want to.” How did you discover to have compassion for your youthful self?

I never like to established myself up for disappointment, and if you have any element of you that needs to alter the previous, you will be let down since you pretty much can’t. All you can do is master and embark upon the potential, or even embark on the present. Fuck the future—just an idea.

4. “VBS”

The placing for this music is Holiday vacation Bible University. How generally did you go to church developing up?

I went to church four out of seven nights a week—different churches with mates. It was the social avenue. The “hedging my bets” section of the track is about how you by no means know for confident if you’re performing the right factor. Religion devoid of worship, I considered at the time, was vacant. How would God know that you are devoted with no expressing it?

What is your marriage with spirituality now?

I no for a longer time ascribe to any religion. Religions are super appealing, but spiritual folks can be pretty misguided. For a extensive time, I assumed I would improve Christianity by becoming the style of Christian I wanted to see. Then I was Christian Agnostic, but extremely little by little, no one was inquiring me what I considered, and I stopped talking about it. I stopped introducing myself as a Christian. But I can not get absent from the point that I was elevated Christian, so it feels like a major element of my daily life. In normal, all religions are making an attempt to determine out how to stay in a way that is respectful, or instead, hoping to determine out how to live and die. That is a excellent issue for anyone to pose to them selves.

5. “Cartwheel”

How did this tune occur to be?

“Cartwheel” is a person of the most hodge-podge songs on the document. I wrote it on a walk around Nashville when we were recording the 2019 EP. Over time, I realized it was about my close friend from middle university. At some point, my group of mates begun to like boys, and I was like, “What are you executing, we’re having pleasurable! Why are we sneaking in boys to our sleepovers? It is not far more exciting when they get here, it is fewer exciting.” I did not get it. The working day that she told me she experienced sexual intercourse for the to start with time, I felt so betrayed. Not mad, particularly, but mourning a little something I couldn’t pin down. I was not supportive, which possibly was not very good of me, but all my close friends seemed to want to increase up more rapidly than me.

6. “Thumbs”

When you started doing this tune reside, you questioned audiences not to report it. Why?

It is 1 of the tunes I’m most proud of writing. I didn’t want folks to listen to it for the initial time by a cell phone speaker. I performed it are living for so extended, simply because I wanted to get employed to it with zero expectations in entrance of me. After I wrote “Thumbs,” I started out crying and imagined I was going to throw up. Early on, I cried a whole lot playing it. I’d get choked up and have to pause and since no just one realized the song, it couldn’t have been well worth recording. At this place, if I cry, great, any person can just take a online video.

What does the mate who is at the heart of “Thumbs” assume about the track?

She’s pretty moved by it. I questioned her authorization to report it, and displaying it to her was seriously psychological. She’s the just one who has built me truly excited to share it, due to the fact at first I felt like it was as well brutal. But for her, it is a token of our friendship, and I have internalized that. It feels like a real victory, that we have a solid bond, and that situation made it stronger.

The line, “You two are connected by a pure coincidence sure to him by blood, but toddler, it’s all relative”—were you considering about your have lifetime as somebody who is adopted?

I’m adopted, as is my mother, so she experienced a pretty distinctive point of view when boosting me. I believe people find out to realize what “chosen family” suggests, but that’s been my default definition since delivery. I’ve hardly ever actually felt the strain of blood ties, and I didn’t fulfill anybody I was similar to until I was 19. My beginning father definitely does imagine in the bonds of blood, and we really don’t are likely to recognize each other. There’s a language barrier there he’s from Uzbekistan, but he does not truly regard my boundaries. I surprise a little bit if he just does not realize them.