The Kettlebell Revolution Fats Decline Procedure is a education method made by Turbulence Training Writer Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Coaching Accredited Trainer Chris Lopez. Out of all the Kettlebell Fats Reduction methods out there, Chris Lopez’s technique is the only one particular that utilizes the renowned Turbulence Instruction system of teaching.

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is the writer of the Turbulence Training fat decline procedure and has been printed in top exercise publications this sort of as Mens Health and fitness, Mens Health and fitness, and Oxygen. His prime providing Turbulence Education system has helped hundreds of hundreds of persons about the earth get rid of fat quickly in the comfort and ease of their personal homes.

Who is Chris Lopez?

Chris Lopez is a certified Turbulence Instruction teacher and the creator of the Kettlebell Revolution for Extra fat Decline program. He has merged his individual know-how of Kettlebell Training with the Turbulence Teaching procedure to build an amazing fat reduction process confirmed to support you increase your system in the convenience of your very own household.

Allows review some of the professionals and downsides of this method:


  • You do not require to choose an hour-long kettlebell class or employ the service of an high-priced Kettlebell trainer. This procedure will demonstrate you how to carry out just about every and every single Kettlebell system properly and successfully. You may preserve plenty of income when obtaining extraordinary exercise routines!
  • All you will need is 1 Kettlebell. I know from experience most individuals that are new to Kettlebell coaching only purchase one Kettlebell to start out off. You may possibly want to acquire additional Kettlebells as you progress and get much better, but you do not have to have to buy a comprehensive established of Kettlebells to make this system function for you.
  • The workout routines just last 15-20 minutes. So you happen to be not only preserving a great deal of funds, but you might be also saving a ton of time. If you might be like me and live a fast paced way of living, than these routines are totally invaluable! Envision finding up in the early morning, having a 15-20 minute work out, and just going on about your working day without the need of getting to be concerned about likely to the fitness center.
  • This technique is backed by the belief and aid of renowned home conditioning mentor Craig Ballantyne. So Chris Lopez just isn’t just some random coach making an attempt to thrust another health plan. Craig Ballantyne would not lover up with anyone if he did not consider in the teaching method alone.


  • The only just one downside is that you will will need to obtain a Kettlebell if you do not have one currently. Even so, this is a little investment in contrast to all the pricey residence gyms that are floating all around. And truthfully, a Kettlebell is 20 instances more helpful than a Dumbbell.

Additional Advantages:

  • Exercise at at any time and wherever with your Kettlebell. Even if you’re going on a road excursion, you can just set your Kettlebell in your trunk and training at a random relaxation cease. Don’t worry, no 1 will stare. Even if they do, who cares! You may be in shape!
  • Kettlebell Revolution is based on the time-tested ideas of Turbulence Training. Chris Lopez has employed his special mix of Turbulence Coaching Kettlebell exercise routines to enable his clients drop excess fat quicker than any other trainer’s shoppers at the fitness center. In quick, you know this program works.

The Number 1 Reason Why You really should Buy the Kettlebell Revolution Body fat Reduction Method:

Out of all the rewards of this process, you can find really only 1 purpose that I personally love the application – You can get a wonderful work out and basically attain results with just a handful of minutes a day, 3 days a week! I enjoy fast, rigorous training, and Chris Lopez’s workouts are unquestionably rapid and extreme.

The Kettlebell Revolution Body fat Loss Procedure is perfect for…

  • Active industry experts who have really small time to training
  • Chaotic mothers who want to continue to be in shape in spite of a frantic timetable
  • Pupils have constrained time, area, and revenue to training
  • Normal Joes who want to get in shape at house without the need of heading to the health club
  • Over weight people who are exhausted of dull exercise routines that you should not develop outcomes

What You Get:

The primary package deal features:

  • The Turbulence Education Kettlebell Extra fat Loss Instruction Program Exercises
  • The Turbulence Education Kettlebell Revolution Quickstart Coaching Manual
  • The Kettlebell Exercise routines For Women Application

This $203 benefit is yours for just $57!

But, there is another, even larger deal you can get. The deluxe variation has:

  • The Kettlebell Revolution Belly Physical exercises for 6-Pack abs & Flat Tummy
  • The Kettlebell Diet Manual and 7-Working day Food Strategies
  • The Kettlebell Muscle Making Workout routines
  • Turbulence Bodyweight Teaching Hotel Routines
  • The Innovative Turbulence Training Bodyweight Exercise
  • Hybrid Kettlebell Instruction by Zach Evan-Esh
  • The 10-Moment Kettlebell Circuit Approach

This $692 worth is yours for just $97!