Joe Rogan reported trans girls “use male practices and male behavior as they invade feminist areas” in an job interview with feminist journalist Meghan Murphy that aired past week. Murphy, a trans-crucial feminist, has been banned from Twitter for existence. She discusses that in a video under the transcript.

MURPHY: The adult men transitioning to ladies has a seriously, seriously large and damaging impact on women and women.

ROGAN: I was going to get to that. This is the matter is that gentlemen transitioning to women of all ages use male tactics and male behavior as they invade feminist spaces. And that’s a person items that I have seen that ladies get genuinely form of freaked out by, is that trans gals then be part of these girls groups and dominate them like adult men do. They have male minds. They have, you know, many years and many years of getting gonads and owning testosterone move by means of their system and all of the, you know, hypersexual issues that appear from that. And a person issue that will come from getting a organic male is they usually are likely to be far more aggressive. They have a tendency to be a lot more assertive. They are likely to test to dominate whenever achievable if still left unchecked, and if their egos are not, you know, well-managed. But the huge grievance that I hear from females, especially females that get labeled as TERFs, is that these trans females invade these historically just organic females groups and they kind of tackle them like a gentleman.

MURPHY: And, or they’re predators. I necessarily mean, like —

ROGAN: Suitable.

MURPHY: You know, yeah, or worse

ROGAN: Or even worse.

MURPHY: I just, I surprise what kind of — this is not the worst of all the illustrations by considerably, but what sort of guy basically desires to go into a woman’s adjust space? Like, what would be your inspiration for undertaking that?

ROGAN: Well, you could want you had been a girl and want to be a woman.

MURPHY: But you will have to have some inclination that this is likely to make women of all ages really feel awkward, and I believe they sort of get off on that. Like, what variety of person desires gals to truly feel unpleasant?

ROGAN: Possibly they want people to be accepting and want individuals to be open up-minded to this and not have an issue with it at all.

MURPHY: I signify, that’s incredibly unconsiderate. Like, it’s like, Okay, probably, possibly, probably, possibly, they just want to be recognized, and they want validation, and they genuinely believe that they’re a gals so they want to be addressed like a girl, so they want to be in the modify room with all the other women of all ages. But I consider, I imply, who is truly that delusional?

ROGAN: Yeah.

MURPHY: Maybe some men and women. But I do — I think that there is one thing predatorial just in that, in the wanting to be in people spaces wherever they know that girls really don’t want them there. Like, where by they know that they are generating women awkward, and they are performing it anyway.

Murphy on staying banned from Twitter: