Leather jackets irrespective of their color, style and material used for manufacturing is surely provides you protection against seasonal conditions. Apart from its utility as protective tool leather jacket also add to you personality and display your attitude, lifestyle and considered as a symbol of status.

Leather jackets are made up of animal skins. The most used animal skin in manufacturing leather jackets is that of cow. However, skins of other animals like ostrich, pigs, bucks, lizards can also be used for manufacturing leather jackets.

Not only faux fur jackets but other articles made of faux fur like handbags, surely attract the attention of looker. You will find excellent faux fur jackets available in market. These faux fur jackets are available in various colors and number of designs. These faux fur jackets add to your beauty.

Faux fur leather jackets and suede leather jackets are common. To know about the exact material used for manufacturing faux leather jackets and suede leather jackets you must understand what this faux fur and suede is.

As is known leather is obtained from animal skin. Firstly the skin is removed from animal’s body. This skin is then tanned to get durable leather. The main use of leather is considered to be producing clothing and furniture upholstering.

Best quality and undamaged hides are used to get full-grain leather. This full-grain leather is neither sanded nor split. It is considered to be most durable form of leather and hence is most expensive. Faux fur jackets manufactured from this type of leather are also little bit expensive.

To get more and more material for production of leather goods manufacturers splits and separate the hides into many layers. These layers are separated as outer surface and inner surface.

Suede used for manufacturing of suede leather jackets is obtained from either from outer surface of animal hide or its inner surface. As this suede is thin (due to split of layers) this type of leather is less durable. It is considered to be susceptible to get damaged from stains and water owing to its nappy texture. Obviously, suede jackets are less durable and comparatively less expensive. Though generally suede is manufactured from split hide, occasionally suede is obtained from full-grain leather also. If full-grain suede material is used to manufacture suede leather jacket it will become more durable and may be some of costly.

Not necessarily all suede leather jackets available in the market are manufactured from suede leather obtained from animal skin. Many producers manufacture suede jackets made up of synthetic materials to make these suede jackets more durable and less expensive. Suede jackets manufactured from synthetic materials are not susceptible to stain and water.

Faux fur jackets and suede jackets are gaining its popularity mainly amongst teenagers. Like other leather jackets suede jackets and faux fur jackets are worn with dual purpose of protection and display of personality and status. These faux fur jackets and suede jackets provide you protection mainly in during winter by giving you the required warmth. As these suede jackets and faux fur jackets are available in many colors, patterns and design you have wide range to choose from. Suede jackets and faux fur jackets are comparatively cheaper than classy leather jackets. These suede jackets and faux fur jackets are popular among both men and women.