So, are there extraterrestrial beings in traveling saucers hovering earlier mentioned our skies? In the final couple months, chatter about UFOs, unknown flying objects, has ramped up. YouTube is loaded with UFO clips, some from reputable sources these kinds of as the CBS “60 Minutes” application and the astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

As a science fiction aficionado, the notion of composing about UFOs happened to me weeks back. Then Maureen Dowd, New York Occasions columnist, scooped me before this month with her, “E.T., Phone Me!” piece.

Ms. Dowd then additional to my by now deflated ego by citing two of my lots of favorite renditions of guests from faraway planets — the 1951 vintage motion picture, “The Working day the Earth Stood Still” and the 1959 episode “To Provide Person,” from “The Twilight Zone” collection. I experienced planned to include them both of those in this column.

In that “Twilight Zone” episode’s shock ending we discover that “To Serve Man” was the aliens’ cookbook on fattening earthlings for later on gobbling them up at their eating room table. Or anywhere they ate!

As it turns out, the attainable existence of UFOs has fascinated us given that prehistoric moments. The topic’s current form goes back again about 100 several years, give or get a 10 years. That’s when we took to the air and pilots started sighting unexplained anomalies in the skies. They were first called flying saucers, then later re-tagged as unknown flying objects.

Considering the fact that then, hundreds of content and books have been penned about UFOs. Hardly ever is everything penned with no offers from pilots about what they noticed. There are lots of these rates in article content on line.

Then there are pilots who at 1st felt they would be regarded “kooky” if they noted their strange sightings.

These days the dilemma is if these aerial mysteries may well be new types of cruise missiles that overseas earthling powers have designed. The U.S. governing administration doesn’t think so. In point, their new report states there is no credible proof that UFOs are true.

Curiously, our government renamed UFOs as UAPs, Unknown Aerial Phenomena. Which tends to make me wonder what new moniker will they occur up with if a UFO at any time lands on the front garden of the White House?

Astonishingly, we don’t listen to much about UFOs showing up in prehistoric time, 5,000 or so several years in the past. That is unless you observe The Historical past Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” method Friday nights.

A colleague, for whom I have a terrific regard, never ever misses the “Ancient Aliens” application when he’s residence. He as some others consider that lots of enigmatic structures from ancient civilizations are the effects of technologies from other worlds.

Among the seven historic web-sites that aliens are considered to have designed are: the Egyptian Pyramids outdoors Cairo, Egypt In England, Stonehenge, a massive circle of stones, some weighing as a lot as 50 tons and pyramidal temples in Teotihuacan, (Metropolis of the Gods) in Mexico.

My first private brush with UFOs was in Spanish Harlem decades ago. On a couple summer season evenings on the stoop entrance to our tenement constructing, our more mature good friend, Nelson, would spin tales about alien visitors. This was all “verifiable” since he had read it on a radio system.

My brother Peter and I ended up entranced with Nelson. We, in our early teens, considered he understood a lot more than we did. And to me, as an entrenched sci-fi comedian book reader, his yarns seemed plausible.

A different before come across with the topic of UFOs was the 1953 motion picture, “The War of the Worlds” movie, based on H.G. Wells’ novel. I have viewed the 2005 remake a couple of moments and recorded one short scene. The kid actress Dakota Fanning seems up at a spaceship and realizes with an intense stare that her father has bravely wrecked it. Through the motion picture she had imagined of him as a “loser.”

Now, how lots of of us have regarded how we would react to a UFO landing in our midst? A clue may well be in the Oct. 30, 1938, Mercury (radio) Theater of the Air broadcast adaptation of H.G Wells’ tale.

The broadcast was so dramatized that many listeners believed Martians have been invading the U.S. Hysteria followed, although its extent has been disputed. Nonetheless the frenzy was superior plenty of for the media of the working day to go over it nationwide.

So, enable me repeat my opening dilemma. Do you think there are extraterrestrial beings today in traveling saucers hovering higher than our skies? Is my colleague, or was Nelson from my very long-ago UFO stoop communicate, on to something?

And finally, were the several recorded sightings of UFOs from the ground and from airplanes illusions of types? Or have been they real?

I also ponder what Maureen Dowd really thinks about UFOs. Of program, I forgive her for scooping me.

Juan Negroni, a Weston resident, is a specialist, bilingual speaker and writer. He is the Instant Earlier Chair/CEO, Institute of Administration Consultants. E-mail him at [email protected]