Naturally we experienced a major Ahsoka Tano instant with her exhibiting up in live action on “The Mandalorian.” How did you experience about that, and did you see any parts of this character that you experienced established and items that you had finished manifesting in what Rosario Dawson did onscreen?

Properly, very first of all, I just celebrate something with Ahsoka. You know, this character usually means so substantially to individuals and that is the section that I just hope any person new that joins the staff, that they understand, simply because it can be by no means been just me that generates Ahsoka Tano. It can be always been a large team of people today that deliver Ahsoka to daily life. I contact it Workforce Tano. Any individual that is new that joins group Tano, I just often encourage them to know that this character signifies so a great deal to persons. Not only has this character adjusted life, but she’s preserving lives. I can not even start off to tell you, and this is not an exaggeration. I get at the very least a single information per working day from people today in my non-public messages, generally paragraphs lengthy, telling me that Ahsoka Tano has transformed or saved their existence.

So the simple fact that this character will get to continue signifies so significantly to me, simply because I know how substantially she suggests to other people. This character is bigger than me. It is really a person of the biggest honors of my total everyday living that I acquired to originate this character.

I was truly forged to be myself. That’s essentially how I obtained the job — they said, “We just want you to bring your individual character and your very own voice and all the things to the character.” So I would be lying if I failed to say that this character actually is my coronary heart and soul, simply because I was allowed to provide that to the character. It can be just extremely cool. It’s really awesome to see the character continue on to live on. And the truth that I obtained to participate in a small purpose in that, it will just for good be 1 of the greatest honors of my complete daily life.

When was the minute you realized that Ahsoka was starting to be that legendary inside of the “Star Wars” universe?

It took place in phases a little little bit. The character acquired level of popularity just between the hardcore lovers, or I guess I really should say she earned believability, genuinely after Period 3 of “Clone Wars,” and then at the close of Period 5 of “Clone Wars,” when the exhibit was canceled and it ended on a cliffhanger, she took a different phase. Folks just went outrageous declaring, “I need to have to know what takes place with Ahsoka Tano.” And then, when she showed up on “Star Wars Rebels,” this large elation transpired. Which is why I started off the hashtag #Ahsokalives. And it actually meant just that: Ahsoka lives. And then, after “Rebels,” and then when we go back to the closing period of “Clone Wars,” I really feel like … that was in the middle of COVID, and every person was just type of shed and questioning anything.

And I feel anyone was clinging to some form of hope. Leave it to Ahsoka Tano to occur to us when we wanted hope the most, when we needed light-weight the most. And to me, which is what Ahsoka represents. In my view, Ahsoka signifies hope and she signifies gentle. She signifies all that is superior. Leave it to Ahsoka to seem in the middle of COVID when we require her most with new episodes and this sort of an remarkable story of hope. So then, I feel like she went up an even more substantial notch, and then “The Mandalorian” transpired, and it was hysteria.

Then, in the middle of all this, more than this past yr, I commenced a hashtag #Ahsokalivesinallofus, for the reason that I feel now, at this position … I indicate, I hope she carries on to live on in “Star Wars” for quite a few, a lot of several years to appear. Which is my hope. But I think, at this place, Ahsoka now lives in everyone, a piece of her, in everyone’s hearts and souls. And they consider Ahsoka with them throughout the working day and she guides them and their conclusions. It can be pretty much like Rey indicating, “Be with me, be with me.” And it is really Ahsoka. It is that voice in your head stating, “Allow the light guidebook you.”

I can not … I’m not exaggerating, I imply, at least 1, if not, I would say 5 to 10 in-depth messages a working day, from men and women all over the environment, telling me how significantly Ahsoka Tano indicates to them. And so, when men and women question me, “Wow, why are you so passionate about your character? Why do you do so considerably for your character?” That is why. Simply because Ahsoka mentioned in the last season of “Clone Wars,” “In my lifetime, when you find people who require your assistance, you help them, no make a difference what. I guess it really is just who I am.” And I so badly want to be a serious-lifetime model of Ahsoka. And the reason currently being is because of the lovers and their reaction to her.