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Jay Mohr is an American actor, comic, and radio host. He is ideal recognized for his portrayal as the backstabbing sporting activities agent character ‘Bob Sugar’ in the preferred comedy-drama film ‘Jerry Maguire’.

Just after his productive element film debut in the movie, Mohr landed more substantial acting employment such as the movies ‘Suicide Kings’, ‘Paulie’, and ‘Are We There Yet?’.

Mohr has also ventured into radio web hosting. He started out hosting his possess podcast, ‘Mohr Stories’. His debut turned out to be a achievements which got him to host a further of his have podcasts, ‘Jay Mohr Sports’, which aired on the major radio community, ‘Fox Sporting activities Radio’.

Here’s a collection of the very best Jay Mohr prices:


50 Jay Mohr Estimates About Performing, Function & Existence

1. “I’ve been performing stand-up 29 yrs there is no other profession when you’re finding your stride 30 years into it.” – Jay Mohr

2. “I recall I utilized to go to The Chortle Manufacturing unit and just goof off onstage, and then I’d see Dane Prepare dinner. He did a bit about his Mom producing the bed in the summertime when he was a child. He just reported “Vroom!” and threw the sheet up in the air and the sheet would just keep above the bed for like a minute and a fifty percent. All he had had been his arms out, but I could see the sheet. And he didn’t do everything. He just saved it there. And I went, I have to compose far more.” – Jay Mohr

3. “But if applause throws off your timing, then you’re not the form of comic I would like to see. All you have to do is stand there and consider it.” – Jay Mohr

4. “I wasn’t the guy absolutely everyone appreciated. I was the male that wouldn’t shut up.” – Jay Mohr

5. “You do not definitely travel in cabs in L.A. unless you are broke or homeless – or if you’re broke and driving the taxi.” – Jay Mohr

6. “Most importantly, how remarkable can I be to people today that bought tickets, in which they hardly ever sense, “It was really superior.” If everyone thinks my present was “pretty very good,” then I’ve fully failed. I think every single comic should imagine that.” – Jay Mohr

7. “It’s generally a task when you’re the cause they’re assembling. If you’re just doing exhibits and you are on a lineup with 8 other men, it’s exciting, it’s fantastic.” – Jay Mohr

8. “I was the youngest child on my road, the youngest comic in the clubs. I normally felt like I was participating in capture-up. I was incredibly offended.” – Jay Mohr

9. “People are additional interested in another person who goes on phase and tells the truth of the matter.” – Jay Mohr


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10. “You know how to notify if the instructor is hung over? Film Day.” – Jay Mohr


11. “Women have it fantastic when it arrives to masturbation. Men, we just have our hands. For the rest of our lives, that is it. At times your close friend will go, ‘Ever attempt your still left hand? It’s like a entire various man or woman.’ Yeah, a retarded particular person.” – Jay Mohr

12. “There appears to be to be a unusual ceiling to being a stand-up as considerably as performing.” – Jay Mohr

13. “The to start with time I viewed [Keith] Olbermann, his opening monologue, I fully altered the way I approached my radio show.” – Jay Mohr

14. “I never ever minded George Steinbrenner investing obscene quantities of dollars to place the very best products on the industry.” – Jay Mohr

15. “I speculate why there is a designated hitter in baseball right after all these several years? As an experiment, it seemed like a swell sufficient strategy, but you would feel the novelty would have worn off by now and absolutely everyone would get back to playing baseball.” – Jay Mohr

16. “Fantasy football is not only a great point, but a wonderful thing.” – Jay Mohr

17. “I assume golf is a squander of time and a squander of a sunny afternoon. I also stink at it. I have never ever identified anything, like divorce and a sexual harassment suit, more annoying.” – Jay Mohr

18. “Some girls got the shower massager. Oh, person, you much better buy her a diamond ’cause if she got a shower massager, she don’t truly want you any longer. That shower massager makes a lady shake like a vehicle on negative gasoline likely up a hill.” – Jay Mohr

19. “I understood early I can manipulate the ceiling in the middle course. The allure results in being how much I can make the ceiling increase.” – Jay Mohr


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20. “It’s quite superior to know when you are being lapped on the racetrack, ’cause you’ve bought to put your foot down on the pedal and get likely.” – Jay Mohr


21. “When human beings quit progressing at an endeavor, they cease making the most of it and move on to a little something else. Not golfers. Masochists, all of them.” – Jay Mohr

22. “Every imperfection you have as a guy helps make a audio as it knifes as a result of satin sheets.” – Jay Mohr

23. “If a waiter or waitress tells me when gratuity is included they instantly get far more gratuity. When they conceal it I go with the leg kick.” – Jay Mohr

24. “Unfortunately, there are no mulligans when it arrives to pro soccer contracts.” – Jay Mohr

25. “True Yankees are born, not designed.” – Jay Mohr

26. “I did not want to battle a man from England. What if I get rid of? Not that English men are not sturdy, but who wants to get beat up by a male with that voice? That’s not the most masculine voice to choose a beating to.” – Jay Mohr

27. “All that waiting around all-around for a glimmer of phase time, just receiving angry each and every week… It was just an oppressive, terrible, horrible place to be. I went to get the job done emotion nauseous.” – Jay Mohr

28. “What I like about stand-up is, it’s truthful. I’m not up there making an attempt to get laid or look great. I’m up there for the reason that I really adore it, and it can make folks happier.” – Jay Mohr

29. “After paying out the final 15 a long time guest web hosting, I couldn’t be happier to get the option to host my have present! I’m hunting ahead to speaking athletics, connecting with listeners, and interviewing awesome visitors just about every working day, although being a part of the FOX Sporting activities Radio relatives. It was well worth the wait.” – Jay Mohr


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30. “If it doesn’t know what to cost you for nosebleed seats, your group sucks.” – Jay Mohr


31. “If there are 1,500 men and women in a theater and they’re all there to see you, there are no other fellas. You are the person. So it is a monastic lifestyle, it is quite lonely if I was vulnerable to loneliness. It’s a great deal like wrestling, no 1 can toss a block for you, no just one can give you a go. Nobody can hand the ball off to you, it’s you only for an hour and a fifty percent each and every evening.” – Jay Mohr

32. “I really feel great. I’m much improved. Actually, I just lost 10 pounds on a new diet plan identified as the flu. Has everyone tried using that a person out?” – Jay Mohr

33. “Not all people likes sporting activities. Gandhi and Malcolm X occur to head.” – Jay Mohr

34. “What bothers me most about right now is that we’re acquiring employed 2 it. More than enough. 2nd amendment should go. Violence has 2 end. Culture Need to change.” – Jay Mohr

35. “If it has to market its mascot, your staff sucks.” – Jay Mohr

36. “Comedians are constantly likely to be in the showbiz middle class, you’re not Brad Pitt you’re never ever heading to be Sam Rockwell or Shia LaBeouf or Leo DiCaprio. You’re a comedian.” – Jay Mohr

37. “I’d go back again, yeah. I really don’t care, I bought a kid, person – I’ll offer tampons. I mean, there’s no providing-out the moment you get a kid. I got a kid.” – Jay Mohr

38. “If you consider you are an alcoholic, go to Scotland. You’re not an alcoholic. These people today are these drunken, toothless hillbillies – I have never viewed something like it. People in Scotland consume whilst they are drinking.” – Jay Mohr

39. “I consider I created a slip-up once… yeah… it was only when.” – Jay Mohr


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40. “There is a large amount of acting that is on the table – specifically, very good acting. The ideal flicks of mine are the ones that seriously nobody saw. The Groomsmen, Enjoying By Coronary heart and Observing Other Persons are by much the function I’m the most very pleased of.” – Jay Mohr


41. “The guy that designed girls’ volleyball uniforms certainly never ever experienced daughters.” – Jay Mohr

42. “Whenever I do not feel so properly, I always attempt remind myself of the Siamese twin whose brother is homosexual, whose boyfriend is coming over…and they share the same asshole.” – Jay Mohr

43. “I don’t know if you’ve at any time been to England, but as quickly as they locate out you’re from The united states, they despise you. They just consider they are additional refined than we are. They’re so pissed at us. You know what it is? They’re mad simply because they lost the Innovative War, and they should be due to the fact there was only like 9 of us.” – Jay Mohr

44. “I’m oddly not competitive. What I like about demonstrate business enterprise is there is a property for absolutely everyone.” – Jay Mohr

45. “As far as in my career, I do not know what other kind there is. I would love to do a talk clearly show.” – Jay Mohr

46. “I despise golfing. I do not understand how any one can enjoy it, a lot considerably less adore it.” – Jay Mohr

47. “Marc Maron’s podcast accomplishment has almost nothing to do with my podcast achievement. If I do a quarter of a million downloads, I can present that to an advertiser as a simple fact, and that’s that.” – Jay Mohr

48. “There is a ceiling to it and there is a stigma. Billy Crystal as good as he is, he’s under no circumstances likely to be considered of as a present-day like Alan Arkin.” – Jay Mohr

49. “I pass up third grade since you could destroy people today in dodgeball. Try to remember the procedures to dodgeball? If you’re fats or have eyeglasses, really don’t present up because you are going to die.” – Jay Mohr

50. “She’s Cherokee Indian, which is fantastic ’cause each time we have intercourse, it rains.” – Jay Mohr



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